The cats nicknames!!!!


Biancy- by Harryclaw and Agnes

The dark knight- by Commisoiner Dia

BratCat- by Joker


Harry- by some of his girlfriends

Mr. Harryclaw- Dr. Crossly

Detective- people in gotham and BatCat

Sweetie (makes him mad)- by villans and Venom

Sweetheart (makes him even madder)- by villans

Tootsie Wootsie (makes him very very mad)- some villans

Hottie (makes him throw you  against a wall)- villans

Damsel (makes him go crazy and scream loudly)- by villans

Detective Harryclaw- Everyone

Cutie- Villans and sometimes BatCat


Retard- by Harryclaw and BatCat

That clown- by people in gotham and FazeCat

Stupid weirdo- Harryclaw


SuperCrap- by BatCat

Show off- by BatCat

Weakling- by Lexi 

Clair- by Harryclaw

Ms. FreezeEdit

IceCube- by FazeCat

Freezer- by Heatherclaw

Creep- by Harryclaw

Poison Ivy/ PamelaEdit

Tree Hugger- by BatCat

Pam- by Bob


Zo Zo- by Joker

Ugly- by Harryclaw


Robber- people in gotham

Dummy- by Harryclaw

Fool- by Harryclaw

Psycho- by BatCat


Creep- by everyone

Ugly- by Angelwing