Joining the ThunderPack

Step 1: Make a list in the comment box below and one of the Admins will either accept or decline it.

Example: Name: Harryclaw

Story:(Write about your cat's life)

Gender: Male

Eye color: Amber

Pelt: Brown with stripes

Personality: (Write your cat's personality)

Step 2: Post your comment once done.

Step 3: Once your done and if its been accepted you are aloud to join the ThunderPack!! If you were declined try making another!! Thank you




A pack of rouges of what used to be ThunderClan


Harryclaw,Angelwing,Whitestorm, Raindrop,Stormheart,Cherryblossom, Batsong,Shadowcat,Darkshadow, Leafshade,Streamsplash,Murksplash, Skywing,Thunderstorm,Cinderheart, Greenbreeze,Tonkstail,Daisy, Jayfeather,Werewolf,Amberflame, Whitefrost,Snowflake,Mistyspirit, Lionblaze,Sunlight,Moonlight, Blossomtail,Morningmist,Sweetfern